Handbag Straps

Replacement handbag straps like leather handles and other accessories like leather and metal gold and silver chains, hooks and rings may be needed to repair an aging handbag or purse that has torn or become broken. Sometimes metal hardware cracks or breaks under pressure and heavy loads. Depending on the length and clips required, the fix may be easy.

handbag strapsMany times, handbag purse straps that break are on shoulder bags that are longer in length. Both metal, leather and fabric straps are prone to breaking. This can be due to frequency of use, bad manufacturing or a variety of other reasons. Bags with straps and handles really make up most of the styles and designs from the top manufacturers and brands. This goes for both casual and high end fashion bags and purses. Most of these can be obtained through wholesale suppliers mostly. But there are some places to get a generic one that matches the color or metal material that the original is made of.

Handbag Straps - Replacement Handles

The type of handbag straps and handles that you choose to replace the old one with will depend on your style. You don't have to get the exact same one if you don't want to. If you can't find the right leather accessories, whether handles or shoulder strap, then why not give the handbag a new look with a silver, gold or even brass colored chain link strap. You can even choose a hook style to connect to the ring hardware on the bag so that you can interchange the straps depending on the occasion and to match the other accessories like earrings and bracelets that make up your outfit for the day.

One of the pieces that make a handbag unique is the strap or straps that are designed into it. For wristlets, it's just one, but can really add character and personality to the bag. This is the most pronounced on shoulder bags with long straps that make up most of the length of the bags. Short handles on tots and purses can have signature styles as well depending on the maker and how much emphasis it wants to place on the carrying mechanism of each bag.

Replacement Handbag Straps - Leather Accesories

For women that love searching for designer handbags on sale, keeping in mind the strap type and design can go a long to when it may need to be prepared. Getting one that is less unique and more common like black and brown leather. This will make buying replacement handbag straps easier if and when the time comes and you are so inclined.